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We’re on a mission to write the best-selling copy for businesses all around the world.

Every business is a calling.


It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, what products you sell or what services you provide.


Every single company has been called to help a particular set of clients or customers achieve amazing results in some aspect of their life.


But not every business knows how to get their message across in a persuasive way.


Not every entrepreneur knows how to craft their advertising in a way that transforms strangers into long-term partners.


And not every company knows how to stop a person in their tracks and practically force them to click on the “Buy Now” button on their website.


But that’s all okay.

Because you’re not just ‘every company’.


You’re a company that’s dedicated to getting its messaging right.


You’re a company committed to showing your customers what you can do in the most attractive way possible.


You’re a company that wants to absolutely nail its copywriting so you can get your branding spot on, and boost leads to their business.


You’re a company that uses


Copyshipper is home to the fiercest copywriters and content writers on the planet.

Every single copywriter you get in touch with here is absolutely committed to writing sales copy to boost the number of leads you receive.

Because we feel exactly how you feel.


We have all been there.

  • Worrying about writing your own copy (and finding the time to do it in the first place).
  • Wasting hours of your time guessing what will work, distracting you from scaling your business in the way you know best.
  • Hiring copywriters who are slack, miss your deadlines or don’t even speak English.
  • Desperately trying to find the time to write your copy in the first place.
  • Suffering a massive case of writer’s block that just won’t go away.

The solution is simple.

  • Let somebody else carry the burden of crafting your brand through words.
  • Don’t hire a copywriter whose English isn’t perfect. Everybody here at Copywriter is a native English speaker who can nail the basics.

Because we’re not in the business of writing.

We’re in the business of making companies thrive through outstanding messaging.

Whether it be:

  • Home Pages
  • ‘About Us’ Pages
  • Services Pages
  • Product Descriptions
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Sales Letters
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales video scripts
  • Social Media Copy (whether it be Facebook Ads or LinkedIn promotions)

Or even non-promotional material like blog posts, articles or e-books.

Every single copywriter here at Copyshipper understands that sales copy is unbelievably powerful.

It could mean the difference between having:

  • no clients at all
  • too many clients to handle.

Highly effective sales copy and powerfully written content should be a critical part of your marketing strategy, so that you can achieve the latter.

How Copyshipper works.

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