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You have bigger fish to fry – helping clients work on the body of their dreams (all while trying to grow a business).

But we get it – copywriting can be hard.

  • Your website copy needs a kickstart.
  • You’re stressed for time – and don’t have two seconds to put together the copy you need (whether it’s because you’re too busy with clients, or just life in general).
  • You’re struggling to draw people in with effective messaging (whether it be on your social media, website or sales funnel)
  • You need a writer who can understand your branding and transform it into outstanding persuasion.
  • You’re desperate to put together an effective copywriting strategy to convert prospects into paying clients.

Any of that sound like you?

Well, congratulations.

You have Copyshipper now!

Our health and fitness copywriters write for the following businesses:

Personal fitness trainers

Sports clothes brands

Body builders

Yoga, spin class and Zumba instructors

Strength training

Fitness products & equipment

Nutritionists and dieticians

Weight loss consultants

Health and wellness coaches

Gyms & fitness studios

Dance studios

Physical therapy providers

And much, much more!

Personal Training Copywriters – Our Specialty

Our health and fitness copywriters are the absolute best at what they do.


It’s not just because they live and breathe writing.

It’s not just because they understand the bedrock principles to transform mediocre copy into amazing copy.

It’s not just because they know advertising.

It’s because they know that what you’re selling isn’t:

  • Personal training services – or
  • Memberships – or
  • Fitness classes – or
  • Private boxing lessons


You’re not just doing boring personal training advertising.

What you’re selling is a DREAM.

Your clients aren’t just looking for any regular trainer or just any gym to join.

They’re looking for someone to make their wildest aspirations possible.

Your clients might say:

  • “I just want to lose weight”
  • “I just want to bulk up”
  • “I want to get fit”

But what do they really want?

They might not know it themselves yet.

But they want someone to take their hand and walk them into victory.

You’re not just selling a service. You’re not just selling your time.

You’re selling the golden ticket to transform the impossible into the achievable.

And you’ll need an expert fitness copywriter to help you get there.

Whether it’s:

  • A new sales page for your amazing website
  • Copy or a video script for your next Facebook ad
  • A landing page for your sales funnel
  • An upsell page to get your existing customers to buy their next opportunity
  • A blog post for your website – OR
  • A sales video script for your website or YouTube account

We’re experts in what we do – and we’ll get you the copy you need to show case just how amazing your services are.

I Want An Amazing Fitness Copywriter to Work Their Magic!

Fitness Product Ads & Copywriters

Wanting a phenomenal fitness copywriter to craft ads, product descriptions or website copy for your fitness product?

Whether you’re selling:

  • A new trend in motivational fitness clothing
  • The hottest workout equipment on the market
  • Incredible inspirational workout gear
  • The most effective protein powder the industry has ever seen
  • Weights, dumbbells and other robust gym equipment
  • A fitness manual showing your clients the exact steps they need to achieve their health goals

Our health product copywriters can work their magic to ensure you get the message perfect.

They won’t just describe your product.

They won’t just outline how it works.

They’ll show your clients how your product is gateway between their current situation and the success they dream of.

Because, at the end of the day, you’re not selling a product.

You’re not just selling a piece of clothing. Or a treadmill. Or chocolate protein powder.

You’re selling the perfect solution your dream clients are craving.

So don’t be shy.

Hit up our fitness copywriters for a free no-obligations quote.

You’re just one enquiry away …

… from the copy you’ve been waiting for.

I Need to Speak to A Fitness Copywriter to Help Me Sell My Products!

Health Food Copywriters

Maybe you’re in the market presenting an astounding health food or diet plan that you’re extremely passionate about.

You know it can help people.

You know it can change the lives of your dream clients.

But you just need the right words to tell them that.

Good news for you then!

Our health and wellness copywriters are passionate about all things natural health.


We’ve made sure that every health writer here at Copyshipper are crazy about improving their own health.

We’ve done that so they’re personally invested in ensuring your product is being sold through remarkable affective copywriting.

Because there’s no other health than natural health!

But why choose the writers at Copyshipper?

Let our clients tell you:

Let our clients tell you:

"Look no further! Exactly what I was looking for!! Lucas did the research on the content and gave advice to make sure that I would get the most out of [my] blog. I would definitely use him again and he was quick to respond to emails. It’s great when someone just understands what you need without having to write the entire thing yourself. You’d be silly to use anyone else!"
- Shardey O.

Another business owner had this to say when our blog posts improved his SEO:

“Lucas' blog writing has been an essential part of our growth over the last 12 months. His attention to detail when it comes to searching for keywords and topics to cover to boost our SEO score has been impeccable. He has helped take us from page 3 and 4 to page 1 on all Google searches of our treatments. Can't recommend highly enough!”
- Mitchell D.

Another business owner wrote us this review:

"Absolutely amazing work. Went well beyond our requirements and expectations. Very easy to work with and clearly did all the research required. Would recommend anyone needing a blog of any kind to use Lucas."
- Crystal C.

And another business owner who we wrote a sales email for:

"Lucas is so good at what he does that after reading his sales pitch even I wanted to buy my own product 😊 100% happy with the whole process from start to finish. I didn’t know how to explain the industry and unless you come from it, it’s not something people really understand, and Lucas broke it down for me and understood what I was trying to say. He is an expert in his field and I can’t wait to see what he does with my next task which will be improving our website and LinkedIn. Thanks so much"
- Hannah K.

So what’s the next step for you?

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  • Tell them what you’re looking for .
  • Answer their questions.
  • Sit back, relax and watch your copy come to life.

Because we’re not in the business of writing.

We’re in the business of growing your business to the best it can be.

And it all starts with you.

Your clients are waiting.

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