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“Testimonial about how good the product descriptions are Testimonial about how good the product descriptions areTestimonial about how good the product descriptions areTestimonial about how good the product descriptions areTestimonial about how good the product descriptions areTestimonial about how good the product descriptions areTestimonial about how good the product descriptions are”

Name, M.

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93% of product descriptions online absolutely suck.

They’re boring, dry and useless.

Don’t be their next victim.

Just imagine your very own product description copywriter turning this…

Dream Deluxe Pillow (White)

This pillow is very comfortable and can help you have a good night’s sleep.

  • measurements
  • Cotton            
  • Free shipping  

They’re calling it the pillow of youth.

Because on a Dream Deluxe, you always sleep like a baby.

We’ve used modern technology and applied the roots of human physiology to craft the Sunshine Deluxe pillow – a pillow built specifically to help you forget about life’s stressors and fall into a world of never-ending sweet dreams.

Goodbye bad sleep. Hello comfort that lasts a full 9 hours.

No more waking up in a pool of your own sweat – the Sunshine Deluxe is completely sweat-absorbent.

And no more flipping the pillow four times in a night – the Sunshine Deluxe features in-built temperature adjusters to ensure the pillow remains at the right temperature all night long.

Seriously, we’ve hired the best scientists we could find specialising in human comfort (we call them ‘comfort geniuses’). And they’ve come up with an incredible design make you wonder why you were sleeping on anything else.

Fair trade and all natural

Crafted with 100% handmade cotton and fabric handwoven from the streets of Brazil, the Sunshine Deluxe is completely fair trade and made with eco friendliness in mind.

You can be sure that your unbelievable sleep is coming at no expense to our fellow humans and natural environment.


So don’t just treat yourself.

Spoil yourself every night with a Dream Deluxe.

You’ll never need another pillow again.

(Oh, and the best part? We’ll ship you your pillow for free!)

*The Dream Deluxe is a fictional pillow (unfortunately)

It’s time to get them done.

How Copyshipper works.

Because all you care about is growing your business

(rather than writing all the product descriptions yourself).

Focus on scaling your business rather than writing copy

Outsource all your writing an expert freelance copywriter, and you can feel confident that it’ll sound incredible.

Enjoy affordable rates without sacrificing quality

Our copywriters don’t charge an arm and a leg. We’re committed to landing a price that works within your budget. Reach out to a copywriter here to discuss their rates.

Know if your SEO strategy is working (or failing)

While we’re copywriters (and not SEO experts), we can track your listings to view how each of your product is performing against certain keywords you’re trying to rank for.

Get 5 free descriptions (plus 15 for only $79)

Why not get started with a bang and try us out? We’ll get cracking on understanding how your market works and put together 20 amazing product descriptions which truly highlight the benefits of your product. Deal available for 5 people only.

With the help of a master product description copywriter!

Why pick Copyshipper as your product description writers


Mainly, because we’re darn good.

Our writers are awesome, friendly and humorous.

And they can write a hook to grasp even the toughest of sharks (i.e. customers) in the sea.

Plus, you get a whole bunch of these goodies… 

Native English speakers

Your product descriptions need to be in perfect English in order to do the job right. Lucky for you - all our writers are native English speakers.

Flexible turnaround

Your dedicated writer here at Copyshipper is committed to working quickly with you, whether you need the copy in 3 days, 7 days or a month. The ball is in your court.

Market-focused copy

We’re not here to pump out crappy descriptions just to get them out of the way. We’re committed to understanding your market’s pain points, desires and fears – in order to craft the most compelling copy we can.

SEO-friendly copy

We use our keyword research software Ahrefs to locate relevant keywords for you to incorporate into your copy, so that your e-commerce listings can improve rankings on Google.

Keyword research & tracking

Not only will we research the relevant keywords for you, we’ll also track your website to see how it is performing against certain keywords. That way, you’ll know if it’s working!

Fast responses

We don’t take weeks to respond to messages or queries. We won’t keep you hanging if you urgently need to get in touch. We’re here for you every step of the way.

We’re excited to chat with you!

Why do I need product descriptions?

Your e-commerce store needs product descriptions because people want to know exactly what they’re buying. They want to make sure that, before they give you their money, all their doubts about your product are destroyed and all their deepest desires and pain points have been addressed to completion. You also need product descriptions to help your website’s SEO and get your items identified by search engines like Google.

Why hire a product description writer?

You should hire a product description writer because they know how the human mind ticks, and what gets people to buy. They can put themselves into he shoes of the customer that visits your e-commerce store, and assess their deepest desires, most worrying fears and most frustrating pain points. Then, they can craft enticing copy to get your customers buying.

What makes a good product description writer?

A good product description writer is one that listens to what a very precise subset of the market wants and writes copy accordingly, in a way that showcases your brand in the way you want to sound. This all involves:
• Appealing to your niche market’s wildest desires
• Addressing their most frustrating pain points
• Destroying any doubts and objections they have about your product
• Building a brand that resonates with your customers
Articulating an irresistible deal that would make it seem non-sensical for your customers not to buy from you

What makes a good e-commerce store?

A good e-commerce store is one that provides an amazing user experience, whilst also cleverly showcasing products that appeal to your customer’s most inner desires and solve their most pressing problems. A good e-commerce store is one that customers want to always come back to.

We’re itching to write some incredible product descriptions for your online store!

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