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Writing the perfect property description can be an absolute chore.

Not only do you have to specify the dozens of different specifications of the property.


You have to make your listing sound appealing enough to get people to book an inspection and, ultimately, buy.


Your listing portfolio will also no doubt be watched with close eyes by vendors – current and potential. How powerfully written your listings are may determine whether or not your potential vendor clients will trust their property in your hands.


And this stuff nowadays is incredibly important. A 2020 study by the U.S.-based National Association of Realtors found that 51% of buyers found the home they bought online, whilst 88% of buyers used a real estate agent.


And in fact, more and more people are buying homes that they aren’t actually seeing in person – making your words even more powerful.


But there’s no need to fear.


Hiring a professional freelance real estate ad writer will put you on the right path to getting leads, buyers and – ultimately – impressing the absolute socks off your vendor clients.

Real Estate Property Descriptions: Don’t write them yourself anymore

Writing property descriptions for every home you work with can be a tiresome, incredibly laborious job.


It’s a stress you don’t really want to deal with – since the real property game is always hectic no matter where you are in the world.


But we understand that powerfully written content is integral to the strategy of a successful real estate agent.

The key to a successful property description is one that jumps out at your readers and makes them want to keep reading.


How good is something like this…

32 John Lane, Smithfield

5 Bedroom

3 Bathroom

4 Cars


Just listed. Book an inspection now.

32 John Lane, Smithfield

5 Bedroom

3 Bathroom

4 Cars


Just listed. Book an inspection now.

…transformed into something like this?

32 John Lane, Smithfield

🛏️ 5 Bedroom 🛀 3 Bathroom 🚗 4 Cars 🏊 Pool

Land Size: 800m2


At 32 John Lane, Smithfield.

An property like this only comes up once in a blue moon.

You’ll live the life you never thought you could – with:

  • An incredibly oversized house akin to living like royalty
  • Exclusive community in a premium location – just 15 minutes’ drive to Penfolds Train Station.
  • Only 1 kilometre away from East Fields Shopping Mall and Terrance Community Tennis Courts & Gym.
  • Huge backyard swimming pool with gorgeous outdoor living area – perfect for families, pets and children.
  • Remarkably manicured gardens transforming your outdoor into a natural paradise.
  • Close to the motorways so you can get to work easy (but not too close – this neighbourhood is nothing but peace and quiet!)

And that’s just on the outside.

Delve deeper inside, and you’ll be treated to:

  • Two levels of a classically-built home, with a sizable living room (with a cosy fireplace) & dining room – all featuring 4 metre ceilings.
  • Stylish timber floors, French doors and gorgeous leadlight windows.
  • 5 surprisingly oversized bedrooms, 2 of which have their own walk-in wardrobes and 3 of which have roomy built-ins.
  • 3 luxurious bathrooms, two of which have their own spa-baths.
  • Roomy garage where you can fit 4 cars (and even convert it into another bedroom if you wanted to!)


<< Book an inspection now >>

Whether you’re a seasoned realtor or wondering how to get listings as a new real estate agent, then you’ve come to right place.


Our professional real estate copywriters can make that a reality for your property.

‘Nobody reads the description. They only look at the photos’.

That’s something we hear all the time.


Sure, most people who look at your listing will only browse through the photos, maybe save them for later … and never look at it again.


But the people who actually want to buy are those who read the descriptions


Photos (especially if they’re bad photos) will not do the property any justice at all.


And as a real estate agent, you’re going to need inspiring listing descriptions to give yourself a great first impression and sell properties quickly.


People who want to buy are eager to know the features of the property but a compelling and inspiring way.

If you do not hook them in with a compelling narrative:

  • you will lose your buyers – and therefore
  • you will anger your vendors.

Trust Your Listing in the Hands of our Copywriters

Our expert writers here at Copyshipper are the professionals when it comes to writing real estate phrases that sell.

We write for two purposes:

1. hooking in your leads, encouraging them to book an inspection with you so you can show them the dream property that they’ve been waiting for (whether they know it yet or not!); and

2.  making you look incredible to your vendor clients, showing them you certainly know how to convince a buyer to make an offer they absolutely can’t refuse!

If you’re looking for the best real estate description, look no further. We’re completely dedicated to getting it right.

How We Write Your Property Listing

We don’t just write for the sake of describing your property. 

If you hit that ‘Enquire Now’ button, this is exactly what you can expect:

1. Discussion with our real estate copywriter

First, you’ll get an email from one of our specialist copywriters where you can book in a phone call.

Our writer may ask you to provide them with some critical information they need from you in order to write the most effective real estate description possible, such as who your target buyer is and what features your property has. You may even like to give the copywriter a walkthrough video of 

You’ll then have a short discussion either over Zoom, Teams, phone or however you like to talk.

And then our ad writer will get to work.

2. An Attention-Grabbing Real Estate Headline

One of the most important parts of any piece of great copy is that headline. There are literally hundreds of properties out there on the web just begging to be noticed.

So really you only have one shot to make an impression and stand out from the extremely noisy crowd – in what’s frankly an incredibly saturated market.

But writing an astounding advertising headline requires careful thought. You don’t want to sound too cheesy or cheap:

Wha-wha-what? An 8-Bedroom Cliffside Mansion For-For How Much???”

Sounds kinda spammy, doesn’t it? We’d give that real estate agent a wide berth if we were you.

Now what about if we transformed it into something a bit classier, yet leaving your buyer wanting to learn a bit more?

Live the Cliffside Life You’ve Always Wanted in this Ocean-Front 8-Bedroom Dream Home”.

That’s got a bit of a better ring, doesn’t it?

3. Accurate Descriptions of the Property Features Accurately

The next thing we do is we take careful attention to describing each feature of the property you give us accurately.

This one’s important.

If you misdescribe something in your listing, your buyer shows up to the property and it’s not what they expected … you’ll lose them.

This is the quickest way to lose a sale: ‘duping’ your buyer into rocking up to an inspection, only to realise they’ve wasted their time.

We’re going to be specific in the features you provide us – down to the materials of the flooring, the length of the bedrooms, the height of the ceilings and the precise measurements of the backyard.

Nothing shall be left untouched!

4. Use of the right adjectives

We take care when choosing the adjectives for your property description. We want to be as descriptive as we can, but never over the top.

A buyer who is going to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on a property will certainly be able to sniff out BS when he or she sees it.

This Astounding Property Will Blow Your Mind!”

That might be a bit too much, and in any case is not specific enough. 

Remember, people who are buying a home aren’t just buying a stack of materials that happens to be constructed into a property.

People are buying a result. They’re buying a dream – a vision of what they want their lives to be like.

Use the right adjectives to encapsulate that, and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid property description. 

That’s what we do here at Copyshipper.

5. Use of the right adjectives

Not only do we want your features to be accurate, but we also want them to stand out – especially if they’re truly unique.

Because at the end of the day, it’s features that hook in potential buyers and make a property that sweet place to live.

Is there a spa-bath in the en-suite bathroom?

Is there a wood fireplace in the living room?

Is there an in-built wood-fired pizza oven in the kitchen?

Are there stain-glassed windows anywhere?

Do the floors self-heating?

Is the whole house powered by solar panels on the roof?

These features are something that your buyers will want to know, so don’t leave them out of your property listing!

If you’re keen to know more, check out our detailed guide on how to write the perfect property description <hyperlink to blog post when made>.

You can also see some property listing samples we’ve written here. <hyperlink to listing samples when made>.

We Write Inspiring Real Estate Agent Biographies

If that wasn’t good enough, we can also write some solid bios for you and your team of real estate agents. 

Your property description is only part of the selling process.

Real estate agent bios are critical for two central reasons:

1. Getting your clients to know you.

If you’re on the hunt for some vendor clients, chances are your leads are going to want to know a thing or two about you personally. Not just about the real estate agency you work for. 

Having a solid biography that captures your experience, personality, past sales statistics and story is something that your clients will want to know. Assume that your leads are sceptical. Your job is to beat that scepticism.

The cold, hard fact is this: your clients do not care about you. They only care about what you can do for them. The trick when writing a solid biography is answering all the objections your leads have up front.

Vendors will be asking themselves:


How do I know this person is as good as they say they are?”


Can I trust this person to sell my property for the best price?”


Does this person know anything about my local area?


Does this person really know what they’re talking about?


How are they different to any other real estate agent out there?


Our writers here at Copyshipper think about why a potential client will not engage you, and craft their writing to throw all their doubts out the window in a powerfully written biography.

2. Getting buyers to approach you.

We also want your biography to give the right impression to potential buyers, so they feel comfortable enough reaching out to you.

You’ll need to have the right mix of professionalism and personality – so that leads will grab out their phones and call you.

Don’t sound bland. Don’t sound boring. And don’t sound “sales-y”.

Get in touch with one of our professional real estate copywriters and get it right.

Check out our blog post here on writing realtor biographies that get clients (and buyers) knocking on your door <hyperlink to blog post when made>.

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