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We’ll transform your empty and boring sales funnel into an adventure your clients won’t forget.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a life coach, a dentist, a car mechanic or a pool manufacturer, every single business is a calling to do something great.


Your products and services are truly capable of changing somebody’s life for the better. 

Whether it’s something as simple as making it easier to put on their lipstick on, to teaching them a new investment strategy to make them financially free.


Whatever the case, the key to getting your clients to trust you and build confidence in your brand is a sales funnel designed to transform strangers into paying clients.


And it all starts with hiring a professional sales funnel copywriter right here at Copyshipper.

Who you are

You’re a marketer

and you need a freelance sales copywriter to pump out the text in your funnels. It’s time to impress your clients with copy that makes their products and services sound irresistible.

You run a business

and you’re not entirely sure what to write your funnels. Maybe in you’ve purchased a ClickFunnels or Kajabi account, and you’re a little stuck on what to say.


Done for you sales funnel copy

There’s no need for you to write a single word of your funnels. We’ll  get to work immediately on writing the copy to help you sell your stuff.

Dig deep into the heart of your market

We won’t just write copy like we pretend we know everything. We’ll dig deep and seek to know your dream clients’ deepest desires and most frustrating problems in order to craft the copy effectively.

SEO copywriting

Need your landing page to be optimised for search engines? We’ll research the most relevant keywords using our specialised software and integrate them into your copy seamlessly (while of course using plenty of internal links).

Why choose Copyshipper to write your sales funnels

  • We don’t mess around.

    You’d be surprised how many copywriters online stuff you around these days. We’re lightning-fast communicators, don’t ignore you and know how to take a laugh (even if it means laughing at ourselves).

  • We’re native English speakers.

    We don’t outsource our sales copywriting work to non-English speaking countries. That would be wrong, considering a powerful sales funnel requires virtually perfect English.

  • We understand before we write

    There’s a whole process when it comes to copywriting. We’ll seek to understand your prospect’s journey step-by-step. We want to know what their most profound desires, wildest fantasies and worst nightmares are, in order to craft an effective sales copy funnel designed to transform strangers into paying customers.

  • We know that assumptions = death

    We don’t assume anything about your product, service, market or anything else. We do what every great copywriter should do – ask questions and dig deep. We’re not some fly-by-night service that slaps something together and calls it ‘copy’.

  • We won’t pretend we’re superhuman

    Let’s face it. We don’t know everything when it comes to funnels. There’s always something new to learn and discover, and always a different way to connect with prospective clients and customers. We’re humble writers at heart – and are open to listening if you’ve got any ideas of your own.

Your next sales copywriter wants to speak to you and kick off your goals!


Lucas is easy to work with, he is a very talented writer. And he is prompt and efficient with his work. He has great attention to detail and he is more than up to the tasks given to him.

Trey CEO of USA-based sales funnel builder.

Succeeded when so many other copywriters failed. I cannot recommend Lucas enough for his magic with copywriting

Patrice CEO of Australia-based creative content agency.


Social media copy

Start your funnel off right with Facebook, Instagram or a LinkedIn copy that stops your prospects in their tracks.

Squeeze or ‘opt-in’ pages

It’s also called a ‘lead magnet’. Get your new prospects to give you their email address with a captivating headline, in exchange for providing them valuable information that fulfils a desire or addresses their pain points.

Landing page copy

This is where the fun begins. We’ll write you a long-form sales letter with the aim to get your dream prospects reading and reading until the very end.

Email sequences

Once you have your lead’s email address, time to hit them up with engaging emails. This isn’t about spamming. This is about providing real value to your prospective clients who will learn to trust you.

Upsell and downsell pages

If your customer has bought something from you, time to hit them up with a new offer! If they reject your offer at the outset, why not tempt them with a downsell? Either way, a sales funnel copywriter can help you craft the messaging.

Content marketing

The best way to get your new leads to trust you is to consistently provide them valuable content. Whether that’s blog posts, articles, e-books or reports, we’ll help you write amazing content that’ll rock their socks off.


Just click the button, fill out the form, and a sales funnel copywriter will be in touch.

How it works

Frequently asked questions

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel refers to a journey taken by a customer where they are enticed to buy a product or a service from you. A customer would typically start at the beginning of a funnel, where they first learn about your brand and discover what you do. They then begin to evaluate you, and how you can help them achieve what they are looking for. Once they are convinced that your service is right for them, and they’ve established trust in your brand, that they’ll come out at the other end of the funnel – buying from you (and staying loyal to you).

What makes an effective sales funnel?

A good sales funnel uses a combination of highly persuasive copywriting and seamless user experience. It requires you to connect with your customers at a level where they are then comfortable enough to trust you to deliver them a high-quality product and service. This involves demonstrating how you can solve their most pressing problems and fulfill their deepest desires, through highlighting the benefits of your service with genuine social proof.

What is social proof?

Social proof is one of the most important elements of good sales funnel copy. It is third-party evidence to prove to your prospects that you are who you say you are, and that you can provide the benefits you say you provide. This includes providing case studies, testimonials and statistics to back up your claims.

What makes a good sales funnel copywriter?

A good sales funnel copywriter is one who’s able to use enticing language to navigate your prospects seamless through the customer journey. They’ll need to be able to place themselves in your customer’s shoes and think how they think, so that the journey is as clear and easy as possible.

What are the emails you would place in a sales funnel?

What emails you would place in a sales funnel ultimately depends on the purpose that your particular funnel seeks to achieve. If you have a webinar funnel, for instance, you would send emails consistently reminding your prospects that your webinar is up and coming. If you’re funnel is designed to sell a high-ticket service, your emails would seek to provide as much value to your prospects as possible so that they build enough confidence for you to give them your money.

No more delaying! Let’s pump out your sales funnel copy like your life depends on it!

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Your new freelance copywriter is waiting to speak with you.

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Your new freelance copywriter is waiting to speak with you.

Just tell us a little bit what you’re looking for:

(We’ll get back to you in 24 hours tops)