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The most valuable asset for any business these days is attention.


If you logon to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn or any social media platform, you’ll be exposed to an absolute barrage of content.


Literally, the war for attention is fierce. And you need a gladiator to get you through the battle.


You may have been in the thick of this battle yourself, trying to fight off the dozens of subpar competitors out there trying with every bone in their body to win your clients and customers.


Lucky for you, our team here at Copyshipper are committed to creating scroll-stopping posts and ads to help you make headway in the Battle for Attention.


  • We start with that irresistible headline

    We’ll work hard to write a headline that stops a social media user in their tracks. It’ll speak to their killer pain points, their deepest desire or just be so out-of-the-ordinary that they just have to find out more.

  • We pump out an engaging body

    The sole purpose of a line of copy is to get your reader onto the next line of copy, again and again and again. You do this with a body that engages them and keeps them at the edge of their seat.

  • We tell a powerful story

    Storytelling is a routine copywriting tactic because it just works. Everybody loves a great book and an awesome movie that tells a powerful story – so why should your ads be any different? Hint: they shouldn’t! Tell a story that demonstrates how what you’re selling can truly change a life for the better!

  • We back stuff up with facts

    Claims are useless if you don’t back them up. Case studies, testimonials, reviews and statistics are the key. Don’t just tell your prospects that you’re awesome – show it! You’re a 5-star company baby so really show it off!

  • We wrap it up with a killer call-to-action

    You win the heart, win the mind, and get them to take the action. We’ll wrap up your ad copy so your readers are enticed to click the post and enter into your website, sales page or wherever you like!

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If there’s a social media platform, we’ll tackle it with killer copy.

Facebook ad copy

Get a professional copywriter to write engaging posts with scroll-stopping headlines, valuable content and a call-to-action that entices your reader to click on your ad..

Instagram ad captions

Get an awesome caption for your photos. Whether you’re promoting a new product or your band in general, our social media copywriters can help with the messaging.

LinkedIn ad copy

Resonate with your professional network with LinkedIn ads that speak to their most pressing frustrations in their workplace – and how you can make them go away.


Lucas did a great job and worked until I was completely happy with the copy! I would use his service again.

Mary L D. Copywriting for facebook ad and business listing

Lucas understood the brief; took time to understand the context, purpose and style of messaging and he met the brief very close to what was required. Engaging his services further. Thank you Lucas.

Angela L. LinkedIn Social Post and Blog - Content Writer


I’m eager to start the process and speak to a social media copywriter!

What is social media copywriting?

Social media copywriting refers to writing ads and posts on social media platforms which are specifically designed to entice readers to stop scrolling, read the post and take a particular action. This action is usually to click the ad or to like, share and comment on the post.

What makes a good Facebook ad?

A good Facebook ad is one that successfully gets the reader to stop scrolling through their feed, read the ad in and then click on the it. This is much easier said than done. An effective Facebook ad needs to have a catchy headline that stops the reader in their tracks, an engaging body, robust social proof to back up the claims made and eventually a clear call-to-action that encourages the reader to click.

Are your copywriters native English speakers?

Yes, all copywriters here at Copyshipper are native English speakers. We don’t outsource to foreign countries as we want copy to be grammatically and structurally perfect. Crafting an effective message is hard enough, so you don’t need clunky English to make the process any more difficulty.

How much do your copywriters charge?

Our copywriters charge different rates but are committed to making a deal with you that fits within your budget. Many professional copywriters in the industry can charge into the thousands of dollars, but we aren’t arbitrary with our pricing. Get in touch with a copywriter today and you can work out a deal that suits you.

What is your average turnaround time?

Turnaround time depends on the urgency of the project and the availability of the copywriter. But we can aim to have a first draft for you between 48 hours to a week if required. You’ll need to speak with the copywriter to determine the appropriate schedule.

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