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* While we’re pretty good, unfortunately none of our copywriters have won an Oscar for Best Screenplay (yet). Is there an Oscar for Best Website Video Script? (Anyone?).


Dear Business Owner or Marketer,

Didn’t you ever dream of being a movie star, director or producer?

The shining lights, the silver screen, walking down the red carpet, the glamour, the ritz and the fame that came with it?

Yeah, so did we.

We didn’t quite make it.

Like, not even through the door.

But hey – we don’t have to! Because we’ve got video scripts written by professional copywriters (does that sound just as good)?

Seriously though.

Video is one of the most powerful tactics you can use for a marketing strategy.

Why? Because:

  • People act on videos

    A video is often the first thing a consumer sees when arriving on your landing page or website. Research has shown that 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy something after watching a brand’s video.

  • Videos are all over socials

    A video is often the first thing a consumer sees when arriving on your landing page or website. Research has shown that 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy something after watching a brand’s video.

  • Videos are great for SEO

    Google robots love seeing videos on your webpage. Videos increase ‘dwell time’ (in other words, how long people spend on your website) and so are naturally awesome for Google’s algorithm.

  • Video gets real results

    80% of video marketers have said that video has increased traffic to their website. While a massive 89% of video marketers say that video gives them a good return on investment.


You can have the best special effects and camera crew in the entire world – but what would be the point without using the right words? 

That’s when a video script copywriter can provide you insurmountable value.

When you use the right words, and tell the story in the right way, you’ll be surprised and just how much your prospects can connect with you.

  • Build an unforgettable brand

    Some of the world’s largest brands built their reputation on video. Showcasing your expertise to the world is an epic way to build brand awareness, and connect with your dream customers.

  • Highlight the ‘why’ of your product and service

    An impressive video can really spell out to your prospects exactly how your product or service can fulfill their wildest desires and solve their most frustrating problems. Don’t just tell them – show them.

  • Tell your story

    Everybody has a story, and it’s time to tell yours. A powerful video can show your viewers how your company rose from the ashes to become a leader in its field.

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Do I need a script or can I just wing it and make the darn video?

I mean, you could just pump out the video.

But a video script allows you to meticulously plan out the entire sequence, and not just simply the words used.

Your video script is the skeleton.

And without a proper bone structure your video will do nothing but bleed. 

(Ugh, the imagery).

Here’s why a script is integral to a good marketing video

The hook

Before you even start shooting, you want to make sure you’re going to capture your viewers’ attention with an enticing hook they can’t resist. It can be visual or oral – but it needs to be there regardless. A script can help you perfect that.

The body

You want to make sure that what you say doesn’t bore your readers. You want them to stay watching to the very end which means every single word you say should leave your viewers just dying to hear what you say next.

The Call to Action

At the end of your video, you don’t let your viewers slink away. You want your viewers to do something – whether it’s giving you their email or buying your stuff. Use the right words to ensure that call to action is crystal clear and persuasive.


We write all kinds of video scripts to fit within your marketing strategy. Some of them we’ve outlined right here.

Explainer video scripts

Show the world how your company is the golden ticket to your dream customers’ dreams. This is your chance to eliminate all doubt that your product isn’t the perfect solution to make your customers’ problems disappear into the abyss.

Behind-the-scenes video scripts

Behind the hustle and bustle of your business is an amazing team getting the job done! Show your clients how you work behind closed doors, building the trust with your base and only increasing your brand loyalty. But you can’t do any of that without a video script copywriter by your side.

‘Spot’ video scripts for social media

A powerful 15-30 second spot goes along way (especially on modern-day Facebook and Instagram ads). Get yourself an irresistible script so you can make the most amazing social media ad your company has ever made!

Product demonstration video scripts

By showing your prospects exactly how your product works, you can get them really excite to make the decision to buy it. Eliminate all doubt inside of them that your product isn’t right by getting down and dirty into how your product works – and all starts with using the right script.

Employee feature video scripts

Your company was built and continues to grow because of people. Get your clients knowing exactly who you are at a personal level with an incredible video script to showcase the human side of your business. What better way to build brand loyalty than showing the people behind the logo?

How Copyshipper works.



Lucas is so good at what he does that after reading his sales pitch even I wanted to buy my own product 😊 100% happy with the whole process from start to finish. I didn’t know how to explain the industry and unless you come from it it’s not something people really understand and Lucas broke it down for me and understood what I was trying to say. He is an expert in his field and I can’t wait to see what he does with my next task which will be improving our website and LinkedIn. Thanks so much

Hannah K

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Frequently asked questions about video scripts

How do you write a marketing video script?

You can write a marketing video script using basic copywriting principles that keep your viewers engaged. This involves using a compelling hook to grab your viewers attention, speaking directly to them in a conversational matter (while not overcomplicating the message) and making everything concise.

What is the purpose of a video script for a business?

The purpose will depend on the goals of your video. Your video may aim to increase brand loyalty, showcase a brand new product, advertise a new offer or provide an explainer or case study to demonstrate how your company solved a particular problem one of your customers was facing.

Do copywriters write scripts?

They absolutely do. Copywriters are the best people to get to write your scripts because they know what it takes to write an engaging story. A copywriter can grab your viewers' attention, and keep them watching your video to the very end when you then entice them to take a particular action.

How much do you charge for a video script?

Our copywriters charge different rates for video scripts, depending on precisely what kind of video you are wanting to produce and where it fits in your pipeline. Prices can range so it’s important to discuss the details with your copywriter.

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