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“"Excellent work. Succeeded when so many of other copywriters failed. I cannot recommend enough Lucas for his magic with copywriting."

Patrice C. CEO of creative content agency

"Excellent work. Succeeded when so many of other copywriters failed. I cannot recommend enough Lucas for his magic with copywriting."

Patrice C.

CEO of creative content agency


It’s time to…

Create the brand of your dreams

Using the right messaging to connect with your prospects, with the aim of transforming them into paying customers.

Showcase yourself as a leader

Show your prospects that you’re the expert in what you do, with a website that showcases how you can change their lives.

Optimise your copy for search engines

We can also do the SEO research required to find keywords your prospects are searching for and craft your web copy to help it appear on Google.

Here’s some of the copy we can write for your website:

Home page copy

Make your home page sound snazzy, compelling, engaging and targeted to your specific market. Your prospects will feel right at ‘home’.

Product descriptions

Selling products on your online store? We’ll write astounding SEO-friendly product descriptions for your products, captivating your readers and improving its search engine rankings at the same time.

‘About Us’ copy

Get an incredible About Us page that doesn’t just describe who you are, but shows your prospects how you’ll solve their problem – enticing them to reach out to you for business.

Category pages

Looking to group your products or other webpages together into broad categories? We can write you pages that sound compelling, specifically designed to showcase how all your products in the category can solve the problems your visitors are facing.

Services copy

Get pages showcasing each of your services, demonstrating your expertise and how you - and you alone – are the best for the job.


Get a page crafted that answers every query your customers or clients are wondering about your business. Everything about order status and what your products are made of, to how to change their password.

A copywriter will discuss with you exactly what you need done, and will get to work right away.

Our copywriter will make your pages SEO-smart

While we’re not SEO experts, and don’t specialise in full-blown search engine optimisation, we can also do the following:

Keyword research

We’ll use our specialised keyword research software (Ahrefs) to find the keywords that are being searched on places like Google so you know precisely what needs to be incorporated into your text. We’ll publish a full-blown keyword research report so you get all the insight into what people are looking for.

Rank tracking

We’ll regularly track your keyword rankings, and keep you updated as to how your web copy is performing. You can use this data to inform your own SEO strategy and discuss with your SEO experts what needs to be done.

SEO referrals

Let us know if you want a full-blown SEO service, and we’ll get you in touch with the SEO specialists who can help you.

Your copywriter is only one contact form away…

How Copyshipper works.

Why choose Copyshipper to write your website copy

  • Because we’re awesome

    (And humble…). Simple, yet true. Our communication skills are second-to-none. We respond as fast as we can. We don’t ignore your requests. We know how to laugh and take a joke (at our expense). And we’re flexible too.

  • We speak English (doy)

    You’d be surprised how many copywriters you find online who don’t really speak English all too well. The result is dud ‘pidgeon-English’ sounding copy that sounds clunky and confusing. You won’t get that with us. Our writers are all native English speakers.

  • We don’t make assumptions about your market

    We’ll work closely with you to make sure hits the pain and desire points your dream customers are looking for. Not like your average online copywriter – who’ll assume your customers want something (or just simply not care about they want).

  • We take the time to understand what you want to say

    We don’t do rush jobs. That’s not our thing. We’ll walk through your customer or client journey step-by-step to understanding what they’re deepest desires are so we can put together the most compelling copy possible.

  • We won’t pretend we know everything

    Cause we don’t. We’re not superhuman. Or Einstein. We don’t know everything about every market. There’s probably some copy we’ve never written before. There’s probably some ‘mind-hack’ technique we’ve never tried before. We’re also not SEO experts. We’re honest about what we do.

  • Complete satisfaction (or you don't pay)

    We aim not only to deliver an outstanding product. We want your experience with us to be amazing too. So if you're not completely satisfied, you won't pay a cent.

Just click the button, fill out a form and we’ll reach out to you in 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions about website copywriters

What is website copy?

Website copy is all the text on your website designed to entice your visitors to take a specific action. It typically includes all the text on your home page, about page, product descriptions and services pages. Good copy is crafted with sales psychology in mind, and is aimed to address a website visitors’ pains, desires and objectives so that they’re convinced that your business is the right person for the job or the right store to buy from.

What makes a good copywriter?

A good copywriter is a master of the human mind. They’re able to put themselves in the shoes of your ideal customer, figure out what their worst nightmares are and understand their wildest fantasies, and craft compelling copy to get them into taking an action. This action could be buying a product from you, making a donation, downloading an e-book or giving you their email address.

What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Copywriting is writing aimed to entice your readers to take an action (such as buying a product or booking an appointment), while content writing refers to writing aimed to inform and educate your readers on a particular topic. Both types of writing are critical for your marketing. Copywriting aims to walk you prospects’ hand to the checkout page, or to giving you their email address. But content writing is also critical to showcase how knowledgeable you are in your field so your prospects feel comfortable that they are in the right hands. Content writing is also effective for SEO, as it helps search engines figure out what your webpage is about and rank it for relevant keywords.

Why incorporate SEO into copywriting?

SEO should be incorporated into copywriting where possible and where appropriate, so that prospects can find you on search engines. You may have the most compelling copywriting in the world, but it means nothing if nobody can find it. In a world where 49% of shoppers use Google to find a product, SEO is vital for your marketing strategy.

Where to find a good copywriter

You can find excellent copywriters right here on Copyshipper. This isn’t like Upwork or Airtasker, where anybody can come here and advertise their services. Our copywriters are native English speakers, experienced and completely committed to crafting your message so that your dream customers are enticed to reach out to you and, ultimately, buy from you.

C’mon, our copywriters haven’t got all day! Reach out to them immediately!

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