Why Hire a Copywriter? (Most of Them are Terrible)

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If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably thought hiring a copywriter was waste of time and money.

And we couldn’t blame you for thinking that.

After all, you know your business best.

But hear us out.

Products do not sell themselves alone – despite what many business owners may say.

In order to be sold, they need to be backed by a good brand and – most importantly – high-quality, irresistible and almost addictively good copywriting.

Something with a juicy tagline, informative and persuasive content & words that showcase your product or services in a way that masters sales psychology – so your prospect can’t resist but buy from you.

Think of Nike’s Just Do It!KFC’s It’s finger-lickin’ good and McDonald’s I’m Lovin’ It!

These are timeless phrases that still hold up to their value and products – because they are examples of excellent copywriting.

If you’re a business owner that wants a good reputation for your products and services, then read on to find out why you should hire a copywriter.

We get that you have doubts, but hear us out.

Many people have doubts about hiring a copywriter, and that’s mainly because business owners do not really see what they can do to their business, especially when they can just do it by themselves. (Before reading, check out our article on what copywriting actually is.)

Some think it’s not necessary, especially in this digital age where advertisements have been displayed as pocket-sized in handy little devices, that no one bothers to read anymore.

Some don’t actually know what copywriters do! If you’re one of these doubtful owners, this article is here to make you see and understand the benefits of hiring a copywriter (and a good one at that!)

Why hire a copywriter (and not do the work yourself)?

Once you know why, you will be hopping on the next train to getting the best copywriter there ever was to join your team. 

Copywriters give a brand a unique voice that doesn’t croak 

Having a good and unique brand voice is how you speak to your audience.

It’s your visual identity.

With more and more businesses emerging since the start of the pandemic, brands now use language in more ways than one than they have ever done before.

You need to have good copy that will give your products and services a unique voice, as well as  a phrase that people will easily recognize – just like the big brands we see every day on billboards, magazines, and social media. 

Copywriters help with your brand’s language consistency. It’s a part of your brand identity that sets what the product is and what it can guarantee your customers. It also sets you apart from thousands and thousands of companies, together with their products begging for attention; it can be quirky, or serious, or witty, or just plain funny!

Think of your brand as a person in a new place. It has to make a great first impression, as the saying goes: “First impressions last.”

And if it fails, you may never have the chance to get a second chance for a first impression again.

Copywriters can save you from this.

Copywriters save you time to do fun things in life

A lot of people underestimate copywriting. They think a one-liner only takes five minutes to write – but they’re wrong.

It can take a day, hours or weeks – and a lot of effort like research, knowing the target audience, knowing to put the right words in the right places, revisions and rewriting. That’s really why you should hire a copywriter – what they do takes ages.

It can be quite a compelling yet very complex process. And would you want to be burdened with all that? We don’t think so.

Hiring an expert and qualified copywriter can take these stressful days off of you! They can generate good content in a short amount of time while still achieving the kind of tone you want for your business.

Let the copywriters worry about the writing for you. You can allot your time on drinking your morning coffee and tea before overseeing other aspects of your business, or better yet: take the time off! 

Copywriters know grammar, punctuation, and all the things in the English language most people don’t think about

Good grammar and spelling is crucial to getting people to keep reading.

There’s, nothing! worse. tha an disjointed sntence?

Indeed – not all people are skilled when it comes to the English language and its grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Language can be a slippery thing that’s hard to manage.

It can be a paragraph, a page, or three words

You have to remember that copywriters are masters of language. And you need masters in your team. 

In the business world, copywriting isn’t just about a good tagline. It’s also about content. With the kind of technology we have now, a lot of brands have launched on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

With the number of people and different old and new brands on these platforms, it can be pretty competitive. On social media, for instance, sometimes the secret is: less is more.

Copywriters have the upper hand when it comes to fitting in everything you want to tell in just two to three lines while still maintaining good grammar. That’s how good they are.

With experienced and skilled copywriters, you don’t have to worry about sending out the wrong message to the world anymore. They know the English language like the back of their hand!

They can write good, precise captions, and an audio script for videos for online advertisements. You never have to worry about a bad presence with the help of copywriters.

You should also really hire a copywriter especially if English isn’t your first language.

Copywriters persuade people to buy from you 

When writing any copy – whether it’s email copy or social media posts – persuasiveness is an absolute must. Always. 

Selling is the art of convincing. You don’t just sell your products but you also sell your words, and copywriters make every single word count.

Not everyone, however, has the ability to write convincing copy and content that guides clients through the sales funnel without sounding like a used car salesman from the 1970s. It’s 2022! Get a copywriter can make you sound like it!

Copywriters can sell without being salesy

Excellent copywriters also understand the necessity of coming up with convincing material for your customers without relying excessively on sales speech – and we all know how easy this can turn off your customers.

Copywriters have the ability to tread the narrow line between being convincing and being sales-driven.

Without them, your own material may come off as far too outdated for your future clients and customers.

Hiring a writer who can develop high-quality copies that convert readers into clients fast and simple will cross out any doubts about whether or not your content or material is too compelling (or not persuasive enough).

They can turn a boring product into something extravagant.

Copywriters are like the godmothers to the Cinderellas. 

Copywriters are investments 

Though professional copywriters tend to cost a lot more, they’re a good investment in your business. Their words sell. And that’s a proven fact. 

If there’s any reason why you should hire a copywriter, this is probably the main reason.

It’s the ROI factor. A good copywriter will get you your return on investment – and if they don’t, fire them.

In this day and age, it is necessary to stay relevant across multiple platforms. And copywriters can make you stay relevant for a long period of time by producing new and fresh content regularly.

Copywriters get close, but not “too close” 

When it comes to copywriting and content making, you may think being close in your industry will give you more of an edge than those who aren’t.

The truth is, it can turn into quite a disaster.

If you’re too familiar with the industry that you’re currently in, you’ll tend to use sales jargon that outsiders aren’t aware of and you might just get them confused rather than persuaded.

Think of it this way: clearly, you are an expert on what you’re doing. You’re behind everything – the sales and production and all of that but no consumer will ever want to hear how it was made but what it is.

They’ll scroll faster than the speed of light!

Remember: they’re here to buy and you’re here to sell. Attract, not distract!

When you have a copywriter on your team, and a good one at that, you can expect that they acquire the ability to be objective about your brand as they are not too attached to it (it’s somehow innate to these writers).

At the same time, your content will become more engaging and appealing to clients – there will be no more jargon! 

Why you should not hire a copywriter

Here we go. Here’s what you really want to know. Here’s why you shouldn’t hire a copywriter.

You write your own copy.

Sure, you can do that.

But hear us out. Everyone can write but not everyone is a writer.

As mentioned above, you are skilled with your industry, a big bubble you easily fit in.

But writing is another language altogether.

And there are a lot of overlooked people out there who are skilled in that area. They do not just work with one type of business but they work with everyone.

They don’t just write and research but they can also oversee any growth or statistics your presence has. They are very good communicators not just with your customers, but with you as well. They can do it all!  

Of course, you can write your own copy. No one’s stopping you. Many business owners have already tried. But you also need to keep in mind that it’ll cost you in more ways other than money, especially if you have a big business.

Copywriters don’t just write copy. They’re writing content as well. With the endless meetings with possible partners or collaborators, with your teams, and overseeing production, writing your own copy and content will take too much of your time and effort.

It may lead to fatigue and burnout that can damage your productivity in the long run. 

Writing isn’t your field, but it’s theirs. Without copywriters, you’ll end up having a tunnel vision, only seeing what you want to see and not seeing what people want to see.

The stakes are high if the copy and content do not go well with what you initially intend with the business. 

Sometimes, it’s okay to admit that you need a fresh set of eyes to help showcase your brand. 

You’ve had writers before (and they were all terrible).

It may be true that there are terrible writers like freelancers you often see on freelance websites like Upwork, Airtasker, Fiverr, and Freelancer

They can either be very good or terrible.

It’s like what Forrest Gump said: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” And you know why?

It’s because websites like these don’t have standards for writers. Anyone can join. It’s hard to find the right person. There are rarely people with real credentials, a genuine creative portfolio, or people you can truly trust with your brand.

Though hiring these “writers” would indeed cost you less, it would cost you more with a risky, rocky path. And as a business owner, would you want to take that risk? 

Hiring skilled and experienced copywriters will give you an edge and a boost in social media, website, emails and more.

They have the right amount of knowledge and skills that will surely help with your brand’s future.  

Copywriters are too expensive.

Yeah, most are.

But not us.

Unlike most of our competitors, we want to charge you fairly.

That’s why you should hire a Copywriter at Copyshipper.

Read more about that below.

Where can I hire a good copywriter? 

If these freelance websites are doing more harm than good to your brand, then don’t worry.

At Copyshipper, you’ll get the best copy no matter where you are and no matter what type of business you own.

Copyshipper is home to the best and fiercest copywriters and content writers ready to get your message out there in the world.

With the quality of writers they have, they can make businesses thrive, big or small, in this highly competitive industry.

Copyshipper is committed to delivering you a dedicated, high-quality service that will leave you wanting more.

We can make copies for Home, About Us, and Services Pages, product descriptions, e-mail marketing, sales video scripts, and of course, social media copy (whether it be Facebook Ads or LinkedIn promotions). We also handle non-promotional materials like blog posts, articles or e-books.

All you have to do is discuss with them about your business, speak to the Chief Copywriter and wait for the team to get your perfect copy.

So, what are you waiting for? Need a good copywriter? Reach out to us now. You can ring Lucas, our Chief Copywriter, on 0426 485 559 or email lucas@copyshipper.com

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